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Sunday, February 26

Remodeling revisited...

Oh joy! We're finally getting around to finishing the downstairs. Lew cleared out the bookcase and started removing picture hangers from the walls in preparation for patching and painting.

I say we... I really mean HE. Sucking on oxygen like I do now, I'm pretty much useless when it comes to painting, but I can supervise real good. heh, heh, heh. Uh, I can't wait - I'm so sick of these beige walls.

Even with patio doors and a window, it looks dingy, so it'll be whatever shade of white we used in the new rooms. Then we'll have to decide on the flooring color and what we're going to do with the fireplace wall. It's in dire need of remodeling - still has the crummy painted wood trim around it that it had when the house was built, and it wasn't all that great then!

We'll see how things progress. I'd love to have it finished before the kids come up in April... maybe ... but that's probably pushing it. He doesn't work real fast on these kind of projects. *sigh*


At 2/26/2006 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can wish I only had to patch walls & paint ugly wood trim. I'm so jealous!! Since my husband and I bought this "fixer upper" 17 mo. ago, we have sanded and painted the exterior, built a deck, tore down a wall, put in a new kitchen, scraped popcorn ceilings, painted the interior, tiled the floor in kitchen, dining room, entryway, & bathroom surround & floor. And we're not even close to being done.
We did all of this in our first year of marriage & with our first house. I'm now rethinking taking all of this on. Oh well live & learn.
I wish you well on your projects. I can only dream!!

At 3/07/2006 3:35 PM, Blogger kajira said...

Marianne! I didn't know you "sucked on oxygen!" What a PITA that must be for you, eh?

And going onto more remodeling. I so enjoyed your pics before. Looking forward to more!

And yes, tell Lew by April when the kids come. Give him a goal. lol! :D

At 3/08/2006 4:14 PM, Blogger me said...

lol, yeah, a real pita - the price one pays for bad choices, eh?

I'll try to keep up to date photo-wise... however, there's been no progress since this entry - none!! I'm gonna give him more than a goal! ;)


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