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Friday, August 31

Minor moan...

Has everyone gone totally stupid in recent years?

So daughter Susan sends an email, complete with link, telling us that grandson Winston made the news. Cool beans! So I click on the link and it's a video of her local news people talking about carseat seatbeat safety and concerns about proper seatbelt fit over bulky winter coats. Seems one very clever mommy, having the same concerns, has created a poncho blanket-type thing that allows you to put the seatbelt directly on the child, without the heavy coat, thus assuring proper fit, and then you just put the poncho over the child, carseat and all. Great idea, yes? I thought so too. But wait, the good part's coming...

So then they switch back to the studio and the female newscaster, being a mommy and having had the same struggles with carseats, seatbelts and winter coats as everyone else, voices her one concern about this novel idea: how would you get the child from the car to the house without a coat??

Duh huh! Dear God, save me from morons!! Hello? Just leave the poncho on the kid, you idjit!

Help! Where do these people come from?

Oh, the video showed a few seconds of Susan and a group of other mommies demonstrating how the poncho worked on the kiddies. :)


At 9/03/2007 8:09 AM, Blogger Dawn said...

That made me smile! Oh, what somepeople lack LOL!

take care,


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