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Monday, September 3

Too much of a good thing...

Ikea has taken up most of our weekend. The closest store to us is in White Marsh, near Baltimore, which is a little over an hour down the road. The next closest, in College Park, is about the same. So Saturday we drove down and to look for and found some cabinets and wall units that we thought would work for the family room. After much measuring and figuring out what we would need, we came back home to double check the space and remeasure to make sure we would be getting everything right.

Sunday Lew drove all the way back to White Marsh to pick it all up. And, of course, as these things always go, you know that particular store didn't have everything we needed. Soooooo, after checking to make sure they had what we wanted in stock, he drove another hour or so over to the College Park store and successfully ended up with all the pieces.

So today he starts putting things together and ... you know what's coming ... naturally there was a damaged piece. As I type, he is on the way home - again - from the College Park store with a good unit. *sigh*

Much as I love the place, a 3-day weekend devoted to Ikea is too much even for me! However,
I do think we're finally on the downside of the family room project. Once we get these installed, we're just waiting on the fireplace door and other cabinets to arrive and then it'll just be a matter of finding the right odds and ends of decorative pieces to finish up.

Then I'll post some pictures. :)

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At 9/04/2007 7:51 AM, Blogger Debi said...

Yep, three days is too much! I hope from here on out all is smooth sailing. Then you'll be inviting us all over for a "break it in" party, right?

Can't wait to see the pictures!


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