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Saturday, February 2

Photo Hunt - Narrow

Theme: Narrow

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Charming, historic Frederick has numerous alleyways throughout the city, many of which barely accommodate the width of an automobile. A chubby horse would have a hard time navigating this very narrow one.

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At 2/02/2008 11:58 AM, Blogger Heather said...


At 2/02/2008 12:00 PM, Blogger Corey~living and loving said...

Narrow walkway indeed.
happy weekend.

At 2/02/2008 12:02 PM, Blogger Liza said...

I agree, it's perfect for the theme. Happy hunting.

At 2/02/2008 12:03 PM, Anonymous A Simple Life said...

Great choice. Have a great weekend.

At 2/02/2008 12:33 PM, Blogger Gattina said...

Even a big person would have to pay attention not to get stuck, lol !

At 2/02/2008 12:37 PM, Blogger Carl said...

Nice picture. Reminds me of some of the alleyways in New Orleans' French Quarter.

Anyway, I hope you'll visit my PhotoHunt entry on my blog.


At 2/02/2008 12:44 PM, Blogger Star8278 said...

definitely narrow!
great shot, thanks for stopping by my blog.

At 2/02/2008 3:24 PM, Blogger Utah Mommy said...

Wow! It is indeed a narrow alley. Great choice of entry for this week's theme! Have a great weekend!

At 2/02/2008 3:31 PM, Anonymous claudie said...

Yes a so narrow space! this is a beautiful photo!

At 2/02/2008 9:10 PM, Blogger denz said...

wow! you have a very nice picture and I love the way you put consistency of the picture, indeed you have a great post! keep it up!!!

here's mine:
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

At 2/02/2008 9:22 PM, Blogger **"Liza"** said...

That is sure narrow..;0 perfect entry for this week theme..Great choice..;)

At 2/02/2008 10:52 PM, Blogger KKT said...

What a cool pic!

At 2/03/2008 1:29 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

Great shot, it was a tough theme, but you did very well.

At 2/03/2008 7:29 AM, Blogger Colin Campbell said...

Very nice. I don't remember that side of Frederick. I only really ever drove through when I was in that part of the world.


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