"I know for sure that everything in life happens to help us live."
Oprah Winfrey

Friday, August 29


Oh for crying out loud! I just got hit on the head and recalled that I have not updated this since they invented sliced bread... You would not believe how insane my life has become. I prostrate myself in sorrow and beg thy forgiveness..

I am hopped up on caffeine with a weight-lifting regime, learning to speak Japanese, and just generally being a nuisance to anyone unfortunate to cross my path. My day is a magical flight from the first cockadoodledoo from the rooster to sun down and beyond. I am convinced that I absolutely deserve this after all my hard work, as well you should know.

I swear on the bones of my ancestors I will update you with my nefarious activities as soon as I get a chance. Seriously!
Assuming I don't get distracted by counting my chest hairs.
~ ~ ~

I came across this nonsense over on Skittles blog - check out The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator for those days when you just can't think of anything coherent to say! :)

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At 8/29/2008 8:14 PM, Blogger Holly Wood said...

teehee :)


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