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Sunday, October 3

Fall Festivities

Last week it was the Great Frederick Fair, and this weekend it's Oktoberfest! So, on another beautifully blue-skied and crisp, sunshiney day, we went back to the fairgrounds yesterday to take in the first of this 2-day annual event.

We looked forward to enjoying traditional German dishes and some of the same vendors we liked last year, as well as discovering new ones. As we wandered around, I was delighted to find wood carver Jake Albright of Hanover, PA. because I was hoping to obtain a friend for the goofy guy we bought from him last year (more in an upcoming post.)

the pumpkin, not the bearheads

In the kid's activities area, we
met this amusing young lady,

along with this most energetic older gent
leading the little ones in a romping
version of the chicken dance.

Of course, there was the inevitable lost balloon,

the traditionally-clad staff,

and a delicious slice of authentic apple streudel.

After a bit of roaming, we headed for the FestHall and enjoyed sauerbraten, hot potato salad, and bratwurst. I'm not a beer drinker, German or otherwise, and Lew didn't feel like imbibing, so we had freshly pressed cider instead as we ate, drank, and listened to the Die Immergr√ľn Musikanten band's alpine music.

We had a good time, but all in all, this year's event just didn't seem as well assembled or as varied as last year's, and we came away somewhat disappointed. There was an awful lot of jewelry vendors, which didn't grab our interest, and a major lack of outdoor food booths, so next year I'll be double-checking the vendor/food list!

After a quick home pitstop, we decided to finish off the day with First Saturday "Into The Night" activities in downtown Frederick.

Local merchants floated Halloween-colored
balloons showing participation,

as well as displaying spooky decorations.

I especially liked the dismembered foot touch
in this usually flower-filled bicycle basket!

We wandered around awhile, admired the events and creativity,

listened to several street musicians,

and ended up with a light dinner at , a Sports Bar and Family Restaurant. It was a good day.

Since we seem to be into the local fall festivities this year (I opted out, but Lew also went to the Rose Hill Manor Fall Festival today,) next weekend we'll probably take in the annual Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, MD - a huuuge Arts and Crafts Show.

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At 10/04/2010 12:04 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

It does look like fun Marianne, it's time for Oktoberfest here also, in a little German town called Frankenmuth. You've made me want to go this year!


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